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Hartwell Insurance is an insurance company set up solely to service the Broker community.

That’s worth repeating. We only work with Brokers.

Not only that, we only want to work on business when we can make a difference to the revenue stream for both the Broker and their clients.

People talk about innovation. We do innovation.

With access to both US and Worldwide markets, we use tried and tested methods in original ways to provide insurance that is tailored to the needs of each client.

Hartwell is quick to understand the problems and even quicker to present solutions. Once they’ve written the business Hartwell remains firmly loyal to the Broker even through tough times. Hartwell is a partner not just a market.

John Powter, GDP Advisors, McKinney, Texas

What we do

We help Brokers make more revenue from their existing book of business.

To do this, we set up tailor-made insurance programs to carry risk and pay claims.

We can achieve this by using our contacts in the open market, or – more usually – we can use our company to create unique captive insurance strategies to meet the needs of our clients.

To sum up, Hartwell Insurance can:

  • Increase Broker and client revenues
  • Create innovative captive insurance programs
  • Remove the administrative burden of owning a captive
  • Arrange all the infrastructure needed to handle the business professionally
  • Work with your favored claims handlers, or use our own network

We are an independent insurance company dedicated to returning excess profits to our clients and we only work with you, the Broker.

Our experience

Our team has a wealth of experience working with clients in a number of industries, providing them each with bespoke insurance strategies suited to their situation.

So far, our expertise has seen Hartwell Insurance:

  • Work with instrumentalities of the Federal Government
  • Be a key component in the launch of a new product with a major nationwide Broker
  • Provide a new insurance product in the residential housing space that returned profit back to the client
  • Prove instrumental in the primary area of a major nationwide habitational property program

Our process is adaptable to any business – so if you’re a Broker with a variety of challenges, Hartwell Insurance can help with them all.

Our ethos

We are Bold, Decisive and Different in the way we do business with Brokers.

We provide a valuable, trustworthy service to Brokers that have profitable books of business and want to increase their revenues.

Based in Tennessee and with access to A rated paper (or better) in all States – plus both domestic and international insurance markets – we can make a big difference to your Brokerage.

When our client tasked us with a hard-to-place account, Hartwell was not only the only player who would help but they also came up with two other ideas for us to pitch to our client. Hartwell gives value added every time.

Louis Faust, President, Southern Insurance Agency, New Orleans

Our products

Do you have a portfolio of profitable business?

Are you paying those profits to your insurance company every year?

Do you want to see the substantial part of that profit, currently paid away, returned to you?

Are the answers to the questions YES? Then you need Hartwell ProfitMaker!

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One of the most difficult parts of the job for an Insurance Broker can be achieving the best renewal terms for the client.

Hartwell Retention Manager seeks to help you, the Broker, by providing a simple, easy-to-manage insurance renewal solution.

Our goal is to turn increased retentions into positive news for your clients.

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Are you an Insurance Broker who is interested in using Captive Insurance as part of your day-to-day business, but don’t know where to start?

Or have you lost business to bigger Brokers because you don’t offer captive?

That’s where Hartwell Captive can help you.

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When even Lloyd’s of London couldn’t solve my problems, Hartwell did. Hartwell has remained supportive and loyal throughout the program history and has never failed to be there for me when needed.

Guy Burgoon, EMG Initiatives, Dallas, Texas

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