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Hartwell Insurance Company was created in 2016.  We are a Protected Cell Captive Insurance Company (PCCIC) created under the Captive Insurance Legislation in the State of Tennessee.


Captive insurance is a risk management strategy in which a company creates its own insurance subsidiary to provide coverage for its specific risks.

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PCCIC Hartwell Insurance

PCCIC Hartwell Insurance

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Using our extensive experience in the insurance market, we will set up the entire Cell from start to finish, ensuring our clients gain maximum value for minimal workload.

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Hartwell's unique property insurance solution

In a market where it is becoming progressively harder to insure property in weather prone states, Hartwell has created an unmatched solution. 


Be insured within hours. 


Unique, experienced,
rapid and cost effective. 

Hartwell was founded in order to create innovative solutions to Insurance problems using the tools available to us as a PCCIC. 
We offer Clients unique insurance solutions to otherwise almost insurmountable problems. 

What our clients say

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