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How we work

Redefining Captive Insurance.

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A PCCIC is an insurance company that can set up any number of segregated captive cells off the “core” of the PCCIC.


Using the tools available to us as a PCCIC, we can offer Clients unique insurance solutions to otherwise almost insurmountable problems. 

Think of Hartwell as being the axle on a bicycle wheel and the cells are the spokes coming from the axle. 


Hartwell is the hub that ties everything together, but each spoke is independent.


Hartwell became a Protected Cell Captive Insurance Company (PCCIC) in 2016 with the aim of breaking the mould of traditional insurance thinking.

What we offer

Hartwell can offer all these services and options because of one overriding reason: 

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The interests of the Client and of Hartwell are aligned.

Hartwell clients gain the following benefits:

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Remuneration and Premiums

There are 3 main payments that are required:

Because of our structuring techniques and the way in which we create our policies, Clients are not normally required to produce additional funding for the Cell. This is another advantage that Hartwell gives its clients over other PCCIC structures.  

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Costs are ALWAYS minimized.

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How safe is money placed with Hartwell? 

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Hartwell Insurance_safety

Money placed with Hartwell is extremely safe. 

We designed it that way.

Meet the team

Who we are

Henry Henshall, Roland Horton, William Harris - Hartwell Insurance

Hartwell Insurance is the creation of two people: Roland Horton and William Harris. Their goal is to create an Insurance Company whose interests are exactly aligned with that of their clients. In addition, they want Hartwell to offer a fast, responsive and bespoke service (every client is unique and we treat them that way). Finally, they want the process of working with Hartwell to be an enjoyable one, business efficiency is great but it can also be enjoyable.

Meet the team
Roland Horton_Hartwell Insurance_President

Roland Horton


After 30 years working as a Lloyd’s Insurance Broker Roland decided that the market needed a new type of Insurer. An Insurer that didn’t just talk about innovation because it sounded good, or it made the Corporate Image look ‘cutting edge’ but an Insurer where Innovation was the lifeblood, where experience was put to use in serving the Client and the Broker. So together with his Business Partner, William Harris, he founded Hartwell Insurance.

The obvious choice was to go into Captive Insurance as this is the branch of the Insurance world that most clearly identifies with the client. Roland loves creating Captive insurance solutions for clients and demonstrating how the world of Captive Insurance works and can benefit so many businesses.

Roland always maintains that every business currently self insures - it’s called a Deductible. Now all that needs to be done is to see how big that self insurance can be and how efficient we can make that self insurance through a Hartwell Captive Cell.

When Roland isn’t working for Hartwell he can be found in his garden tending his flowers or out riding his horses both of which activities help to keep our crazy world in perspective.

Contact Roland on:

William Harris_Hartwell Insurance_COO

William Harris

Chief Operating Officer

William has spent the last 24+ years honing his expertise as a broker at Lloyd’s of London in the insurance and reinsurance industry, waiting for the right moment to put all his experience to use in the perfect vehicle.

From fish farm reinsurance in Norway, to Professional Liability treaties in Israel via vast Habitational programs across the whole of the US, William has helped create, launch and place (re)insurance solutions for some of the largest insurance companies in their territory as well as family owned agencies servicing niche lines of business.

Creating Hartwell Insurance with his business partner, Roland Horton, William believes they have created a unique and exciting insurance model for a world being underserved by traditional insurance companies.

With the traditional insurance market talking about innovation and putting the client first, the reality is, it’s just talk. At Hartwell, we live innovation on a daily basis and our business model is created with the client front and center. We don’t have shareholders to worry about, so we can focus 100% on the needs of our client.

When William is not thinking about his clients, he can be found with his wife and 2 daughters playing with their wirehaired wiener dog, Reggie. He is also an avid cook, Crossfitter, sports enthusiast and frustrated wood-turner.

Contact William on:

Henry Henshall_Hartwell Insurance_Vice President

Henry Henshall

Vice President

Henry has been working with Hartwell since November 2022 and formally joined the firm in April 2023. His role is on the underwriting side of Hartwell, assisting with sourcing and onboarding of new clients and the creation of new cells.


Innovation is key in all industries, and it is something Henry always strives for. Hartwell’s focus on innovation and its customer centric business model makes for the perfect working environment for him. 

Henry’s background is in engineering, having worked at Jaguar Land Rover for seven years, and then, after completing a Finance Master’s Degree at Durham Business School, transitioning into the insurance industry. 

Outside of Hartwell, Henry is an avid swimmer and clay pigeon shooter, having competed in both sports at university level. He is also a keen maker, enjoying creating anything from anything, as well as modifying (fixing) his car. 


Contact Henry on: 


Tyler Maconaghy

Vice President

Tyler has over 10 years of experience in the Insurance industry since graduating with a Bachelor's Degree from the Fox School of Business studying Risk Management and Insurance at Temple University. Since graduation, Tyler embarked his journey into the Excess & Surplus Lines world, with a main focus on commercial property. In years recent, Tyler shifted his focus into the Captive landscape, delving into primary and excess liability programs for large construction and transportation companies. At Hartwell, Tyler hopes to bridge the two experiences into one and help create bespoke solutions to the benefit of our clients.


In his free time, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife Sarah and their dog Ollie (Maconaghy) as well as playing guitar and writing music. In the early mornings, you can find Tyler hard at work training for his next marathon or triathlon! 

Contact Tyler on: 

Our partners

Our Partners

No man is an island and that also rings true of companies too. We seek to gather around us some of the best advisors and service providers in our Industry. 

This menu of service providers is an Industry leading combination and enables Hartwell to provide all of our clients the very highest levels of service.


Our Attorney is Womble Bond Dickinson, a transatlantic law firm with offices in the US & UK, including London & Silicon Valley, serving clients across every business they have a team of Captive specialists well versed in serving clients across a number of Captive Domiciles.


Every Captive Insurance company needs a Captive management Company to run the administration and to ensure compliance. 

Our Captive Management Company is Advantage Insurance, a leading independent provider of turn-key captive management solutions to clients in the United States and worldwide.

Hartwell Insurance_PINNACLE.png

Our Actuary is Pinnacle who are an Industry leading actuarial company with whom we have worked for over seven years.

Hartwell Insurance_ENGLE MARTIN.png

Our claims handler is Engle Martin a nationwide provider of high quality claims handling services.

Hartwell Insurance_CRI.png

Carr Riggs and Ingram is our Accountant who provides an outstanding accounting service to Hartwell and all of our Cell Insurance Companies.

Hartwell Insurance_JP MORGAN.png

We like to offer our clients a choice of Banking services. We are proud to have JPM as one of our Banking service providers. Our cells' bank accounts are set up with JPM, JPM is one of the most respected financial services firms in the world, serving corporations and individuals in more than 100 countries.

Hartwell Insurance_first horizon.png

We are also delighted to offer our clients the services of Tennessee based First Horizon Bank, with whom we have been banking for 8 years. FHB has a history going back to 1864 and offers Hartwell and its clients excellent service and investment rates.

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Hartwell Insurance_FSR_DEMOTECH

Regardless of the severity of a general economic downturn or deterioration in the insurance cycle, insurers earning a Financial Stability Rating® of A possess Exceptional financial stability related to maintaining surplus as regards policyholders at an acceptable level.


General economic conditions impacting the Property & Casualty insurance industry include, but are not limited to, the rate of claim inflation, interest rates, investment income yields and overall economic activity.


Underwriting cycle conditions include, but are not limited to, overall price adequacy, mix of premium by state, loss and loss adjustment expense, reserve levels, reserve adequacy, liquidity, expense levels, utilization of reinsurance, collectability of reinsurance, financial leverage, investments in affiliates, dependency on a particular distribution system, etc.

About Demotech

Demotech, Inc. is a financial analysis firm specializing in evaluating the financial stability of regional and specialty insurers.  


Since 1985, Demotech has provided proactive solutions to insurance industry financial analysis issues and has served the insurance industry by assigning accurate, reliable and proven Financial Stability Ratings® (FSRs) for Property & Casualty insurers and Title underwriters.  


Demotech’s philosophy is to review and evaluate insurers based on their area of focus and execution of their business model rather than solely on financial size.  


FSRs are a leading indicator of financial stability, providing an objective baseline of the future solvency of an insurer.  


FSRs are based upon a series of quantitative ratios and considerations which together comprise Demotech’s Financial Stability Analysis Model


As the first company to have its rating process formally reviewed and accepted by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD, Demotech has been leveling the playing field by providing Financial Stability Ratings® to insurers of all sizes. 


In order to sustain an FSR of A or better, an insurer must meet their financial criteria quarterly, throughout their annual review cycle.  Further, the insurer provides them with information on its reinsurance program and access to a senior officer to discuss operating results. 

Financial Stability Rating
Corporate Social Rensponsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Sometimes in this hectic world of business, deadlines and money we lose sight of things that really matter, so it’s nice to be able to spend a little time getting involved with the world outside of business.

At Hartwell we are very interested in dogs and horses. Both Roland and William have dogs and along with many Americans we love our animal family; we want to do more with dogs and people and so we would ask people to watch this space as we start to explore how Hartwell can help dogs within our community and help people work and be with our canine friends.


Also we believe very much in animal communication. Just as we all know that Communication is key in the business world so it is in the animal kingdom. Knowing when to speak and when to listen is so important both with humans and with animals.

We’ve tried to help especially in the Equine world where Hartwell has been proud to work together with Elsa Sinclair of Taming Wild ( ). Elsa is a great teacher of patience and communication with horses and has made two films about her experiences. Hartwell was very pleased to be the sponsor of her latest film - Taming Wild: Pura Vida which charts her crossing the Dominican Republic on foot with rescue horses.


As time develops we want to do more and more for dogs, horses and animals as a whole so if you have any good ideas please contact either Roland or William.

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