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Hartwell welcomes Henry.

Hartwell Insurance was the ‘brain child’ (some might say ‘love child’) of two guys – Roland Horton and William Harris. We created Hartwell almost 8 years ago with the specific intention of helping people enter the seemingly complex world of Captive insurance.

Since Hartwell’s foundation the number of people working for the Company has really remained at just the two Co-Founders. Yes, we have the amazing SRS backing us up, supporting our every client and ensuring full compliance with every aspect of the Tennessee Statutes and regulations but Hartwell itself has remained essentially two highly experienced people. Until now that is…

During the Fall of 2022 we took on an Intern with a view to diversifying the talent base of the company and bringing the average age of its employees down quite considerably!!

Henry Henshall came to us and immediately started proving his worth across a whole range of needs, some of which we didn’t even know that we had! Henry has a Masters Degree in Business Finance but far more important than that, in our eyes, he has an enquiring, enthusiastic mind. Henry had experience with Jaguar Land Rover working on a number of projects and areas within that company and we loved the difference that he brought to Hartwell.

We feel strongly that companies need to be diversified in the skill sets of their employees and so it was really a simple decision for us to ask Henry if he would like to continue working for Hartwell when his Internship was over. We are delighted to be able to announce that he has said ‘Yes!’ So, Hartwell has expanded its employee base by 50%, which is fantastic. But more importantly, we have brought into the company different skill sets and view points.

So, we ask everyone to welcome Henry to Hartwell. We are delighted to have him not the least because of his skills but because he too underpins our stated aim that Hartwell mustn’t only be professional in everything that it does but that clients must enjoy working with Hartwell because our approach is a fundamentally one of friendliness and support.

We look forward to introducing Henry to everyone on our upcoming visits around the USA and to you all getting to know him personally. In the meantime, we say: ‘Thank you Henry, we are so pleased to have you on board and we hope that you learn lots and enjoy the Hartwell experience.’

Roland Horton

June, 1st 2023. Nashville


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