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A unique property Insurance solution for a difficult market.

Everyone is struggling to get Property Insurance at sensible prices and deductible levels in weather prone States. Hartwell has the solution.

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Hartwell has created a Captive Property Insurance Program for Primary and Deductible buy down layers that responds to client needs in hours.

Price Indication

Our instant online price calculator helps guide you to understanding the cost and entry point of a Hartwell Insurance solution to your Property needs.


Let's get started.

Do you require Personal Insurance or Business Insurance?

Price Calculator
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Timelines and Processes


1. Price Indication

  • Use our online Instant Price Calculator for an immediate indication of your quote

  • OR contact us directly via email or phone to  discuss your requirements 

2. Discussion of terms

  • Discuss terms and conditions required by client

3. Firm Order

  • Client issues “Firm Order” 

4. Management and Participation Agreements

  • Hartwell creates a Management and a Participation Agreement for the client based on their supplied information

  • Client signs and returns Management Agreement

  • Client signs and returns Participation Agreement

5. Ring-fenced bank account

  • Premiums are paid into a bank account opened solely for this program

6. Issue and Insure

  • Hartwell issues a policy on behalf of the captive

Timelines and Processes

Are you interested in our Property Program?

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