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Unique, experienced, rapid and cost effective

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Value propositon

We work for clients looking to set up their own Captive Insurance Company, by creating their own Protected Cell under Hartwell’s insurance license. 

Clients will gain the following benefits:

What we do
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What we do

Hartwell was founded in order to create innovative solutions to Insurance problems using the tools available to us as a PCCIC.  We believe that we can offer Clients unique insurance solutions to otherwise almost insurmountable problems. 

The interests of the Client and of Hartwell are aligned.

Hartwell can offer all these services and options because of one overriding reason: 

What we offer

What we offer

How we work
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How we work

Create cell

We create Cell Captives in order to take client risk.


Hartwell, using its long experience in the insurance market, will set up the entire Cell from start to finish.


Hartwell issues the policy by and on behalf of the unique cell company.


The client has an insurance policy and knows that all of their premiums pass into a unique cell designated for that specific client.

Run cell

Hartwell via its management company (Strategic Risk Services) runs the cell.


We tend to use Unincorporated Cell structures as these are the least burdensome to the client. The client is the sole cell participant and beneficiary but does not specifically own the cell.


Hartwell continues to advise and run the cell relieving the client of any and all administrative burdens. 


All claims are paid out of the cell funds (Premium which is deposited into the Claim Account).


The client can pay in as much or as little premium as they choose but the cell must be sensibly funded for it to be of benefit.


All Profits are kept within the cell unless the client wishes to release them via a Profit Commission.

Upon winding up of the cell – handled by Hartwell – profits are distributed back to the client.


All Profits are kept within the cell unless the client wishes to release them via a Profit Commission.


Upon winding up of the cell – handled by Hartwell – profits are distributed back to the client.

Timelines and Processes
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Timelines and Processes

1. Discussion

  • Initial discussion between Client/Broker and Hartwell

2. Information

Underwriting information presented to Hartwell including:

  • Expiring insurance policy

  • Exposure information (eg. Schedule of Values) 

  • Loss History (5 years if possible)

3. Indication

  • Hartwell indication given within 24 hours 

4. Firm Order

  • Client issues “Firm Order” 

5. Cell Application

Hartwell drafts and completes documentation for Cell Application including:

  • TN Department of Insurance Cell Application Form

  • Cell Participation Agreement

  • Business Plan

  • Cell Agreement

  • Insurance Policy

  • Third Party Administration Agreement 

6. DOI Approval

  •  DOI authorises Protected Cell

  • Cell now active

  • Agreements signed

  • Bank Accounts created

  • Policy issued

Remuneration and Premiums
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Remuneration and Premiums

There are 3 main payments that are required:


These are all paid into the Cell Bank Account and are kept separate to all other accounts.




We typically charge a margin (Program Manager Fee) which is a percentage calculated upon the amount of Limit required.  Hartwell margin is the payment for our services (including Cell Application and Set-up Fee) and is not used for claims payments.


If the client uses a Broker then we offer brokerage at the standard market rates.  The broker is never disadvantaged or disintermediated. 

Because of our structuring techniques and the way in which we create our policies, Clients are not normally required to produce additional funding for the Cell. This is another advantage that Hartwell gives its clients over other PCCIC structures.  

Costs are ALWAYS minimized.

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How safe is money placed with Hartwell? 


The short answer to this is that money placed with Hartwell is extremely safe.

The detailed answer is as follows:

All client money is kept separate to Hartwell money and the money of our other clients. Hartwell’s money and that of the client is never, ever co-mingled.

Hartwell employs the services of a professional Management Company that is monitored and approved by the DOI in Tennessee.  The Management Company handles all of the client money on behalf of Hartwell as well as Hartwell’s own accounts.

Money kept with Hartwell 

is super safe.  


We designed it that way.

No one can take money out of the client account unless both the Management Company and Hartwell Insurance approve the transaction.  Client money can only be taken out of the client account if there is a claim (and associated expenses) to be paid that has been approved and presented by the Claims Management Company (TPA) appointed to the contract.



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