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Unique, experienced, rapid and cost effective

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Learn more about working with Hartwell

Client Benefits

Hartwell clients gain the following benefits:


What we offer

Hartwell can offer all these services and options because of one overriding reason: 

The interests of the Client and of Hartwell are aligned.

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Remuneration and Premiums

There are 3 main payments that are required:

Because of our structuring techniques and the way in which we create our policies, Clients are not normally required to produce additional funding for the Cell. This is another advantage that Hartwell gives its clients over other PCCIC structures.  

Costs are ALWAYS minimized.

Remuneration and Premiums
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How safe is money placed with Hartwell? 


The short answer to this is that money placed with Hartwell is extremely safe.

The detailed answer is as follows:

Money kept with Hartwell 

is super safe.  


We designed it that way.



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