William Harris

William has spent the last 24+ years honing his expertise as a broker at Lloyd’s of London in the insurance and reinsurance industry, waiting for the right moment to put all his experience to use in the perfect vehicle.

From fish farm reinsurance in Norway, to Professional Liability treaties in Israel via vast Habitational programs across the whole of the US, William has helped create, launch and place (re)insurance solutions for some of the largest insurance companies in their territory as well as family owned agencies servicing niche lines of business.

Creating Hartwell Insurance with his business partner, Roland Horton, William believes they have created a unique and exciting insurance model for a world being underserved by traditional insurance companies.

With the traditional insurance market talking about innovation and putting the client first, the reality is, it’s just talk. At Hartwell, we live innovation on a daily basis and our business model is created with the client front and center. We don’t have shareholders to worry about, so we can focus 100% on the needs of our client.

When William is not thinking about his clients, he can be found with his wife and 2 daughters playing with their wirehaired wiener dog, Reggie. He is also an avid cook, Crossfitter, sports enthusiast and frustrated wood-turner.

Contact William on: william@hartwell-insurance.com