Roland Horton

After 30 years working as a Lloyd’s Insurance Broker Roland decided that the market needed a new type of Insurer. An Insurer that didn’t just talk about innovation because it sounded good, or it made the Corporate Image look ‘cutting edge’ but an Insurer where Innovation was the lifeblood, where experience was put to use in serving the Client and the Broker. So together with his Business Partner, William Harris, he founded Hartwell Insurance.

The obvious choice was to go into Captive Insurance as this is the branch of the Insurance world that most clearly identifies with the client. Roland loves creating Captive insurance solutions for clients and demonstrating how the world of Captive Insurance works and can benefit so many businesses.

Roland always maintains that every business currently self insures - it’s called a Deductible. Now all that needs to be done is to see how big that self insurance can be and how efficient we can make that self insurance through a Hartwell Captive Cell.

When Roland isn’t working for Hartwell he can be found in his garden tending his flowers or out riding his horses both of which activities help to keep our crazy world in perspective.

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