Hartwell Roofing Guarantee for Homeowners – Information for Texas Homeowners

What is the Hartwell Roofing Guarantee for Homeowners (HRGH)?

The HRGH is a series of Guarantee Funds set up for the benefit of Homeowners in the State of Texas who have suffered damage to their roofs.

The Guarantee Fund will pay the Homeowner’s deductible retained under the Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Please note that HRGH is a Guarantee Contract and is NOT an Insurance Policy. Hartwell Insurance reserves the right to be the ultimate judge of who is covered under the HRGH and for what amounts.

Am I eligible to join the Hartwell Roofing Guarantee?

You need to meet the following criteria in order to be a member of the Guarantee:

  • You need to be a Homeowner in Texas.
  • You need to have an Insurance Policy (not with Hartwell) covering your Property that is valid at the time of loss.
  • You need to be proposed through a Roofing Company that is a Member of the HRGH.

How do I join the HRGH?

You will need to complete the short form below to determine which premium will apply:

  • $150 if you have not yet had a claim or
  • $350 in the event that you are applying after a claim has occurred.

Upon receipt of your cleared funds we will then send you confirmation of Membership of our Fund. You are good to go.

join the HRGH

This application form will take you to the payment gateway for your joining payment..


How do I make a claim?

Please note that you can join our Guarantee Program at any time – either before a claim has occurred or after it has occurred. We are here to service your claims retained under your Insurance Policy.

Claiming could not be easier.

To make a claim you must fill in the following form:

Claim HRGH


We will then mail you a Check for the amount that you are personally liable for under the Insurance Policy (the deductible).

That’s it, no inspections, no hidden costs, no quibbling.

Please remember in order to join our Guarantee Program you must:

  • use a Roofing Company that is a member of our Program,
  • have signed a contract with that Roofing Company
  • have a valid Insurance Policy (not with Hartwell),
  • make sure your claim for Roofing work exceeds the deductible under your Insurance Policy.
  • • You MUST use our check to pay for roofing costs retained under the Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Any enquiries about our Roofing Guarantee can be sent to: