Hartwell Flood Guarantee for Texas Homeowners

If you are looking for affordable Flood Coverage for your home, then look no further.

What is the Hartwell Flood Guarantee for Texas Homeowners (HFGTH)?

The HFGTH is a Guarantee Fund set up for the benefit of Homeowners in the State of Texas who require Flood Protection.

Membership is easy and every Homeowner in Texas is acceptable to be a member of the Guarantee.

To join our Guarantee Fund and to enjoy the benefits of Coverage all that you have to do is complete the Form below and pay the Annual Membership Fee of $125.

What we do is to take all payments from all Guarantee Fund Members and put them into a Fund which is kept in Cash, we keep everything simple and in cash, earning interest. We do not invest the cash and we do not offer investment advice.

The Guarantee Fund will pay claims to the Homeowner for the Peril of Flood ONLY up to the amount of $25,000 per occurrence, this is also stated in our Membership Certificate and furthermore, up to the total value of the Guarantee Fund.

There are no deductibles under this Guarantee and so this can be purchased in association with an Insurance policy, not purchasable from Hartwell Insurance. The Guarantee Fund can pay you under the Terms of the Guarantee, from Dollar one.

Please note that HFGTH is a Guarantee Contract and is NOT an Insurance Policy. Hartwell Insurance reserves the right to be the ultimate judge of who is covered under the HFGTH and for what amounts.

We make one more promise to our Guarantee Fund Members: If Hartwell ever, for any reason, decides to close the Fund we will return all money remaining in the Guarantee Fund to our current members in strict percentage calculated in relation to the number of members at the time of closing.

If you have any questions regarding our Texas Flood Guarantee, please email us at: texas.flood@hartwell-insurance.com

Am I eligible to join the Hartwell Flood Guarantee?

You only need to meet the following criteria in order to be a member of the Guarantee:

  • You need to be a Homeowner in Texas.

That’s it, no difficult questions and no inspections.

How do I join the HFGTH?

You will need to complete the short form below and complete the payment of the $125 Annual Membership Fee. Once you have done this you will receive an Certificate of Membership Form which contains your unique reference number.

You are good to go.

join the HFGTH

This application form will take you to the payment gateway for your joining payment..


Please click here to view the Terms and Conditions of the Hartwell Flood Guarantee for Texas Homeowners.

How do I make a claim?

Claiming could not be easier.

To make a claim you must fill in the following form:



We will then Inspect your property and mail you a Check for the amount that we agree upon.

Please note that in the event of a flood, claims payments will be made at the end of each calendar month following the date of loss occurrence and will be ultimately limited by the total amount in the Guarantee Fund at the time of the claim event.

Please remember this is not an Insurance Policy but a Guarantee Contract.

You may email us on teaxas.floodclaims@hartwell-insurance.com