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Simplify the Insurance Renewal Process

One of the most difficult parts of the job for an Insurance Broker can be achieving the best renewal terms for the client.

Hartwell Retention Manager has been created to assist Brokers in managing the renewals and retentions for every piece of insurance you currently have on your books.

We help reposition the Broker-client relationship – turning you from a line of expenditure they would like to reduce into a valuable strategic partner for their business.

How can Hartwell Retention Manager help me?

Primary cover and retention are the two cornerstones of every single insurance program.

However – both of these key elements can be affected between each renewal cycle.

For the primary layer, the cost of all the small attritional claims made by a client can make it hard to find a primary insurance carrier willing to take them on in the future.

Alongside this, external causes – such as natural disasters –can bring large-scale claims to the market and lead insurance companies to push an increase in retentions to customers.

With these factors in mind, devising an effective retention strategy that your clients agree to take on can be a drawn-out process…

Hartwell Retention Manager seeks to help you, the Broker, by providing a simple, easy-to-manage insurance renewal solution.

Our goal is to turn increased retentions into positive news for your clients.

With Retention Manager, Hartwell is again seeking to assist the broker community in setting up cutting edge solutions for client renewals. Retention Manager is a win, win for Broker and Client alike

Roland Horton. President, Hartwell Insurance


Increased retentions are proving troublesome for my clients – what can I do?

Trying to ‘sell’ increased retentions to clients can be difficult. By working with Hartwell Retention Manager as part of the renewal process, increased retentions can be managed in a way that reduces the client’s overall expenditure on insurance – while at the same time increasing your revenues.

How does this work?

Through Hartwell Retention Manager your client’s insurance will be put into an insurance captive – either one that we set up for them specifically, or as a ‘rent-a-captive’.

This means of managing self-insurance allows a business to control their risk exposures and retentions – meaning each of your clients will have a bespoke insurance vehicle that’s set up to provide the best results for their circumstances.

But aren’t captives difficult and time-consuming to set up?

They can be - but let us deal with that!

We know that no two Brokers will be the same, with each one having different requirements for their clients and for the captive solution.

Hartwell Captive helps Brokers by taking away the stress of entering the world of insurance captives – meaning you can take full advantage with minimal effort.

Most of our insurance solutions are individually tailored to the Broker’s requirements.

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

Isn’t this just another offshore insurance company, trying to avoid tax?

No. We are an American company, registered in Tennessee, conducting American business and committed to paying tax in America.

Our team has a wealth of experience in insurance in both the USA and Europe, with our mission to bring captive insurance to Brokers now our primary focus.

We also understand that the word ‘innovation’ can be frightening to some, so we make our solutions easy and transparent.

Remember – at Hartwell we don’t just talk about innovation, we DO innovation.

If you’re not offshore, then aren’t you just one of the big broking houses hiding behind a new brand?

Absolutely not. We are totally independent of any Broker or of any of the big insurers.

How safe is my business with you?

Totally safe. We are 100% independent and are not part of a larger organisation, so all of the information you give us remains just between us.

Furthermore, Hartwell always undertakes never to quote any business against a client of Hartwell, so if you give us your clients we will never release that information or quote that business to another broker.

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