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We are the only insurance company dedicated to returning excess profits and premiums to the client.

Are you an Insurance Broker with a portfolio of profitable business?

Do you reluctantly pay those profits to your insurance company, year after year?

Do you want the majority of that profit returned to you?

Then you need ProfitMaker from Hartwell Insurance.

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How can ProfitMaker help me?

Does your client make insurers a profit regularly?

Does your client ask you for different solutions at each renewal?

Do you wish that you could offer something different, unique and bespoke?

Something where you are offering ‘value added’?

Something that will improve the relationship with your client, build their loyalty towards you, and at the same time provide everyone with a win-win?

If so, ProfitMaker will provide you the answer to the challenges that you’ve been facing.

Have your clients asked about a Captive for their business?

We know that it can be a challenge for many Brokers to keep up with the bigger players in the market who offer captive insurance solutions.

ProfitMaker helps Brokers by taking away the stress of entering the world of insurance captives – meaning you can take full advantage with minimal effort.

But aren’t captives difficult and time-consuming to set up?

They can be - but let us deal with that!

We know that no two Brokers will be the same, with each one having different requirements.

Most of our insurance solutions are individually tailored to the Broker’s requirements, with ProfitMaker able to be up and running in days or weeks, depending on the complexity of your portfolio.

Not only that, we aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

Are you sure this isn’t just another offshore company aimed at avoiding paying tax?

We are an American company, registered in Tennessee, conducting American business and committed to paying tax in America.

Our team has a wealth of experience in insurance in both the USA and Europe, with our mission to bring captive insurance to Brokers now our primary focus.

We also understand that the word ‘innovation’ can be frightening to your clients, so we make our solutions easy and transparent.

Remember, innovation is what we do and we are good at it.

Hartwell makes understanding their products really easy and makes access to the world of Captives simple to follow. My clients have seen significant benefits from engaging Hartwell on their insurance program. Hartwell is one of the few captives owned by insurance professionals, who have a complete understanding of how to pass on the benefits of a captive component to their insurance program

Ben Beazley, RT Specialty, Atlanta, Georgia


Who is eligible to join ProfitMaker?

If you’re an insurance Broker and you have a book of business that generates at least $1 million in premium and is profitable then we are interested in hearing from you.

We only work through Brokers and will undertake only to work upon business introduced to us through the introducing Broker.

We consider our Brokers to be our clients, with Hartwell Insurance having been set up specifically to reward its clients.

How do I apply?

Simply fill in our enquiry form, making sure to tell us your gross premium, normal loss ratio (specify gross or net) and the total commissions applicable.

How long until I get a response?

We aim to respond to all enquiries, by either telephone or email, within one working day.

How long will it take to set up?

This depends on the complexity of your client portfolio - it can be a matter of days, or a few weeks.

How much extra work will I have to do?

There might be one or two more details we will need from you as we go through our process, but the majority of the heavy lifting is down to us. That’s what we’re here for!

Who do you use for handling claims?

If you, the Broker, have a favored claims handler then we are happy to work with them.

Otherwise, we will access our own network.

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