Hartwell and the World Beyond Business and Insurance.

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Sometimes in this hectic world of business, deadlines and money we lose sight of things that really matter, so it’s nice to be able to spend a little time getting involved with the world outside of business.

At Hartwell we are very interested in dogs and horses. Both Roland and William have dogs and along with many Americans we love our animal family; we want to do more with dogs and people and so we would ask people to watch this space as we start to explore how Hartwell can help dogs within our community and help people work and be with our canine friends.

Also we believe very much in animal communication. Just as we all know that Communication is key in the business world so it is in the animal kingdom. Knowing when to speak and when to listen is so important both with humans and with animals.

We’ve tried to help especially in the Equine world where Hartwell has been proud to work together with Elsa Sinclair of Taming Wild ( www.tamingwild.com ). Elsa is a great teacher of patience and communication with horses and has made two films about her experiences. Hartwell was very pleased to be the sponsor of her latest film - Taming Wild: Pura Vida which charts her crossing the Dominican Republic on foot with rescue horses.

As time develops we want to do more and more for dogs, horses and animals as a whole so if you have any good ideas please contact either Roland or William.

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